Integre MathML Equation Editor 1.2
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Integre MathML Equation Editor 1.2

Free Creates simple or complex equations and math expressions for Web applications
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Creates simple or complex equations and math expressions for Web applications. Integre MathML Equation Editor allows you to design all kinds of math expressions and save them as standard MathML expressions (with the MML extension). It makes use of the Techexplorer Hypermedia Browser math rendering engine. Techexplorer Hypermedia Browser is a separate application provided by the same author – also for free – that you need to install for the MathML Equation Editor to work properly.

The program's user interface is as simple as easy to use. In the top side of the interface, you will see the menu bar and the toolbar, which will provide you with access to all the program’s functions. The rest of the screen area is used for designing and viewing your math equation or expression. Probably the most helpful menus present in the menu bar are "Math" and "Palette". Through a system of nested submenus, “Math” gives you access to all the possible arithmetic operators and symbols you may need. To illustrate this, the categories in the menu's first-level are arithmetic, algebra, logic, calculus, trigonometric, and statistics, among others. Under the "arithmetic" submenu, you will find categories such as plus, times, power, and others. The "Plus" submenu, in time, will offer you several predefined simple expressions using the "+" and "-" symbols.

As for the Palette menu, it allows you to open a number of small windows containing common math expressions and symbols too. Those small windows are nothing but the "palettes" themselves. Many of the categories in the Palette menu are the same as those in the Math menu. For example, if you open the "Calculus" palette, you will see several expressions related to integral and differential calculus. When you click on any of them, they will be inserted on your equation automatically. All that remains is that you customize your equation by replacing the wildcards with your own values. This feature of the program makes equation and math expression designing a really quick and easy task.

The program allows you to create, edit and save your math expressions. You can also select the font size that works best for you, so that you can work more comfortably. It is also capable of installing plug-ins for your favorite browser(s), so that you can handle your math expressions properly in a Web environment (as the equations you design through this program are specially created to be inserted in websites and Web applications). The program is free for private and personal use - however, you will have to pay for a license in case you are going to use the program for academic or commercial purposes.

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  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Includes a very good number of predefined math expressions and symbols, all categorized in palettes
  • Allows you to select the font size that works best for you
  • Installs browser's plugins that allow you to handle your equations in both Web pages and Web applications
  • Free for personal and private use


  • None


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